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CP-519 3D Printing Powder, 30 lbs / 13.6 kg

CP-519 3D Printing Powder, 30 lbs / 13.6 kg

The Re-Invented 3D Printing Powder.

The all-new CP-519 3D Modelling Powder has been re-designed with an improved formula for 3D printing on powder-based printers. Our new formula is chemically unique compared to others on the market, and works just as well as OEM powders at a fraction of the cost. It is fast setting, shows great strength and allows for fine detail, but the amendments to the formula improve the powder’s consistency, preventing it from clumping during printing. The powder is also tolerant to moisture, improving the texture of the powder and allowing for printed materials to have a smooth surface finish. It works with any Zcorp or ProJet x60 powder based printers.

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Zcorp users can use the ZP150 or ZP151 settings with the CP-519 powder. Parts can be removed after 1 hour. Parts with thin surface walls may need more time in the bed. It is recommended that heaters be set to low or turned off for best results.
Weight 32.00 lbs
Price: US$499.00
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