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PHD Get a Boost with High-Performance Pumps

PHD Get a Boost with High-Performance Pumps
Print Head Doctor 11, 12 and 13 are now available with optional high-performance pumps made by the world leader in diaphragm pumps KNF Neuberger, Switzerland. The new pumps increase the flow rate and the maximum pressure of the system, allowing a more efficient print head cleaning. The pumps are extremely reliable and chemically tolerant, with the life expectancy of several years.


Print Head Doctor 9 & 10 Released

Releasing the new PHD9 & 10
The new models 9 and 10 are low-cost but still very capable machines that do not use the ultrasound for cleaning print heads. They are suited for recovering moderately clogged print heads or the ones that are sensitive to the ultrasound. You can use these machines to clean print heads directly on a printer thanks to their compact design. Model 10 can automatically regulate the pressure.


Releasing Print Head Doctor 13

Releasing the new PHD13
We have released the new model 13 capable of high pressure (25psi) and high flow (800ml/min), equipped with a virtually "indestructible" Swiss-made pump. This machine can clean the most desperate, severely clogged print heads, by using its high pressure for reverse flushing with RF caps.


Releasing the new Print Head Doctor models 11 & 12 with smartphone control

Releasing the new PHD 11 & 12 with smartphone control
We have released two new models 11 and 12 of Print Head Doctor with completely redesigned electronics, pump modules, automatic pressure controller and many other improvements. You can use an Android device to remotely control all functions of the machines.


The redesigned PHD8 is shipping now

The redesigned PHD8 is shipping now
We have redesigned our model 8 of Print Head Doctor. This model is now capable of automatically controlling the output pressure, thus making the machine more autonomous and safer for the print heads. You can set the required pressure and it will maintain it throughout the cleaning cycle. The model 8 is also equipped with the vacuum pumps, so you can take a full advantage of the Sonic RF Caps.


New Line of 3D Products Released

New Line of 3D Printing Products Released
We are pleased to announce the release of a new line of 3D printing products by Canada Powder, designed for use on the powder-based 3D printers such as Zcorp™ and ProJet™ by 3D Systems. The new line (CP-316) includes the 3D powder, clear binder, CMYK color binders and the head cleaner. When used together, the powder-binder combination produces more dimensionally stable and durable parts compared to the OEM products. In addition, the new binders extend the service life of the print heads by 50% to 300% !


Print Head Doctor 5,6,7 & 8 Released

Print Head Doctor 5,6,7 & 8 Released
The new model features:
  • Main filter and the pumps are made as modules for ease of service.
  • New technique of head cleaning by using Sonic Reverse Flushing Caps.
  • Model 7 has dedicated vacuum pumps.
  • Model 6 is specialized for Epson heads recovery.
  • New servo system on PHD8.
  • Vacuum gauge for monitoring of the first-stage filters.


Print Head Doctor 4 and 4L released

Print Head Doctor 4 & 4L released
The new model features:
  • Automatic switching between forward, reverse and thru-head flushing.
  • All work on a print head can be done in one set-up.
  • New recovery cycles can clean print heads automatically.
  • Two gauges to monitor pressure and vacuum on a print head and the intake port.
  • The fluid intake tube is now fixed.
  • The first stage filter is secured in a holder.


Solvent Printer Recovery Kits

Solvent Printer Recovery Kits
We are offering the service and kits for recovering Seiko and HP solvent-based printers from the clogs of the ink delivery system and print heads. Even completely clogged printers can be brought back to life for a very reasonable price. Deals are here.


Print Head Doctor 3L Released

Print Head Doctor 3L released
The new version of Print Head Doctor features a bigger fluid tank which has been doubled in size. It can fit two adapters at the same time, or one Epson GS6000 print head assembly with dual DX6 print heads. The machine ships with 6 liters of recovery fluids (2 liters of each type).


Print Head Doctor 3 released

Print Head Doctor 3 released
The new version of Print Head Doctor includes new features and design changes:
  • Pressure gauge for monitoring the actual pressure in the print head.
  • The Relief Valve is now mounted in the tower. Its bigger dial allows precise control of the pressure.
  • Dual first-stage filters for higher fluid flow rate.
  • The intake and relief tubing are stationary to the machine. An adapter holds only a print head, making the connections easier and more convenient.


New video on Epson DX4 print head recovery

DX4 Head Recovery with Print Head Doctor 2
This new video shows a step-by-step recovery process of an Epson DX4 print head using Print Head Doctor 2.
DX4 heads are widely used on Epson, Mimaki, Roland and Mutoh printers. Even severely clogged print heads can be brought back to life, saving thousands of dollars on replacement head costs.
Watch YouTube video here.


Print Head Doctor 2 released

Version 2 of Print Head Doctor has been released. It features two fluid pumps, completely redesigned electronic controls and 14 recovery cycles, to increase the cleaning efficiency. This machine can recover solvent, UV and water-based print heads with an amazing recovery rate of over 90%. www.PrintHeadDoctor.com


New print head recovery system

Introducing Print Head Doctor: a new system for recovery of solvent, UV and water-based print heads with an amazing recovery rate of 90%. Click here to see a video.


Universal Mimaki Chip Charger shipping now

Universal Mimaki Chip Charger is now available
This device creates disposable chips for Mimaki and Roland using low-cost blank chips. It supports all types of Mimaki inks and also Roland Eco-Max ink type. It can verify a chip and report all information: ink type, color, volume, expiry date.

Click here for information


HP8000 cartridges available

HP8000 cartridges are shipping now.